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Why Spybubble?

How Spybubble Free Demo Works

Highster Mobile Free?

How To Use Spybubble Standard Support

NOTICE: Important Spy Bubble Info

  • Spy Bubble Downloads and Installs Directly On the Phone You Want To Spy On and NOT On Your Phone!

  • This Means You Must Be Able to Get The Phone You Want To Spy On Alone For Around 10 Minutes.

  • All of Spy Bubble’s Support Is Done By Email And a Website Support Desk.

  • If You Are Not Technically Inclined At All, Order Priority Support When You Order Spy Bubble. It is Worth it!

Is The Phone You Want To Spy On Supported By Spybubble?

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This is why most people choose Spy Bubble
  • Spybubble has the most for the least amount of money
  • A Spybubble purchase is for life
  • Spybubble has good free support if you know how to access it and GREAT support if you purchase priority support.
Spybubble gives you access to the following phone records...
  • Call tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Phone Book Tracking
  • Email Tracking
  • URL Tracking
If You Add Spybubble Pro You Will Also Get...
  • Call Listening
  • Environment Listening (Remote Control Of Phone's Mic)

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You are here looking for Spybubble free. Because you have a relationship problem. Whether it is with a child, an employee, a partner or a spouse your life has seemed to stop.

When it happened to me, It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I guess heart sick is the best way to describe it. It seemed that there was no one to turn to because nobody knew anymore than I did

Sure we all had our suspicions, but there were no facts. That is how I discovered Spybubble. It cost me $149 at the time and was a lot more primitive than Spybubble Pro is today...BUT it worked.

You are probably where I was back then and believe me I know how horrible that is. This is probably why your are looking for Spybubble free.

The price has been slashed temporarily over 60% but Spybubble won't tell me how long they are going to keep this low price, but if you can afford it, just buying a fresh clean copy of Spybubble will be the fastest way to getting the truth that you can find.

I won't tell you that the truth is going to bring you peace, because if you are like me even when you find out that they were indeed cheating, the pain is just as bad, but it does get better and better as time goes by

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Keep reading and find out what happened to me when I first tried to find find a Spybubble free download.

Spybubble Free Vs. a Spybubble Purchase

I suppose, just like I did some time ago, you are looking for cell phone spy software like Spybubble and not just Spybubble but Spybubble free. What is the difference between Spybubble free and a Spybubble purchase?

You Get What You Pay For

Or in this case you get what you don’t pay for. When you stack up the benefits of downloading Spybubble free versus the benefits of purchasing Spybubble, it comes down to only one thing.

That thing is money. Getting Spybubbe free doesn’t cost you anything whereas purchasing Spybubble will cost you Less a small one-time fee.

But That Isn’t The End Of the Story

Before you download Spy Bubble free you need to consider this….

Spy On A Cell Phone
Install This Software On Your Phone And You Can Spy On Any Phone Just by Calling It
Is Your PC Up To Date
Scan And Update All Your PC's Driver's Instantly
Jail Break An iPhone
With This Software It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps To Unlock Or Jail Break Your iPhone.
Parental Control For Cell-Phones
Your Child's Cell Phone Could Be A Way For Preditors To Gain Access...
Protect Your Phone's Data
Even If your Phone Is Stolen, Your Data Is Safe. No One Can Access Your Phone's Data With SmartFuzz.

SpyBubble Free? – Should You?

This software free? Can you get it and if so, where? Should you get it? Why or why not? You can learn the answers to these questions and more ...READ MORE

Spy Bubble is an application that just does what it says it will do on the box. It will allow you to spy on a cell phone and get every detail about its use and location. It will even allow you to turn on its microphone and listen to what is going on around it.

All of this with out the user ever knowing. So don't try to get Spybubble free and get burned, just try Spybubble risk free...

Should You Spy?

Spybubble Free Demo

The bad news is that Spybubble doesn't have a free version. The closest thing have is a Spybubble free demo. I have prepared complete instructions in a special post. just click Spybubble Free Demo to access.

Other than that, there is no Spybubble free or Spybubble free download and for good reason. Spybubble is a highly sophisticated application that is virtually undetectable when it is downloaded directly onto a phone you wish to monitor. It then will allow a person to monitor almost every aspect of that phone via the Internet. So it doesn't matter how far the phone gets from you, as long as it has a signal, you have access.

NOTE: You DO NOT download Spybubble onto your computer. You DO NOT download Spybubble onto your cell phone. Instead you DO download the Spy Bubble app directly onto the phone you plan on spying on. This means that you must be able to access the phone you wish to spy on for around 10 minutes. If this is not possible then do not purchase Spybubble!

As you can imagine, in the wrong hands, sensitive personal information could be broadcast across the internet and that is what you might get using pirated apps of this kind. Having no Spybubble free insures that your pictures and data will not be the subject of someone’s blog or website

Instead Spybubble offers a money back guarantee that you can utilize if for any reason the app does not please you.

Instead of a Spybubble free download that could get your devices infested with all kinds of viruses and your private data in the hands of cyber criminals. You can go to and register for a risk free copy of this amazing app. Then 10 minutes alone with the target phone and you are good to go. Spybubble even offers priority support for less than $10 so you can’t mess this up.

Get Spybubble At No Risk For 2 Months

Descargar Spybubble Versión en español

LISTEN UP!: PPI Could Be The Reason Someone Is Offering Your Spybubble For Free

When you download files labled "Spybubble Free" you may be falling into the clutches of a PPI vendor. ...Read More

Compare Spy Bubble With The Services Of A Private Eye?

When you think about it, how much would you pay to get the truth about your situation?  $300...$400 or even a higher amount?

If you hire a private detective, you could easily end up paying that much...PER HOUR.  Spy Bubble is a lot less than $300 and it is only a one-time fee....Read More

Want To Find Out What Happened When I Tried To Get Spybubble Free?

I have to laugh at it now, but at the time I was desperate to know the truth about my girlfriend. Of course I am not talking about laughing at my situation, but instead laughing at the fact that I tried to get Spybubble free. Imagine trying to cheat to catch a cheater. Can we say hypocrite?

I accessed the Spybubble Free download website and my anti-virus software went off like a smoke alarm in a 3 alarm fire.

I backed out of this site and searched around until I found a site that didn't give my anti-virus software indigestion. Sadly, though, these sites tried to get me to pay for their file sharing site. I was about to go ahead and pay the fee to download Spybubble free when I cam to my senses.

It suddenly occurred to me, Man, if I had the opportunity to hire some one for $300 to get me the truth, I'd jump at the offer. Yet a clean legal copy of Spybubble cost less than $40 for standard and less than $90 for the government level version. This is exactly what I did and you know what? I had my answer in less than 48 hours.

NOTICE: Spybubble Pro is now available with many advanced functions that make it an agency level application. The most important of these is the ability to listen in on any ongoing conversations from the target phone and the ability to remotely control the target phone's microphone and turn the phone into a covert listening device. The professional version of Spy Bubble is hundreds of dollars less than the competition coming in at only $84.90
AccessSpybubble Standard Now For Under $50. Spybubble Pro Is Only $85
Here's a fact, Spy Bubble will get you the truth or your money back with no questions asked. My problem was solved in less than 48 hours after I installed it on her phone. You can read all of the articles you want on how to catch a cheat and you'll will find Spybubble accomplishes almost all of the things they recommend you do. So even though trying to get Spybubble free is a bad idea, Spybubble for $49.95...IS!

Are They Cheating On You Now?

Knowing the truth about whether someone is cheating on you is something people pay thousands of dollars to discover. If you can't afford a private detective, Spybubble can get the same results for you for less than $90.

What is your partner up to at this moment? Is your employee draining company resources or selling company secrets to your competitors? Where is your child right now? What would you pay in order to find out? With Spybubble you will only pay $85 or less, one time.

What is it worth to have the knowledge to protect yourself and your family.  How much will you end up losing because of a dishonest partner, employee, or child?  These are just a few of the real and important reasons to use Spybubble free of risk.

The small fee you pay for Spy Bubble will save you so much more.


Try Spybubble NOW Risk Free!

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If You Are Thinking of Buying Spybubble, Then this is The Most Important Article you’ll Ever Read….Keep Reading


What is Spybubble?

Spybubble is cell phone spy software that you can download and install on any smart phone you wish to spy on.  Once it is installed and activated, it will allow you to monitor that phone remotely without the phone’s user knowing that it is on their phone.

Spy Bubble has been in operation since 2009 and has become the Internet’s most sought after cell phone spy software.  Since 2009 Spybubble has expanded its products to include Cell phone security software, parental cell phone control software and tablet spying software.  Spybubble has also expanded its original software with a pro version and has expanded the languages the software is offered in to 7 languages to include, besides English,  Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Russian and German.

Spybubble is easily the single most comprehensive, complete and precise ways to monitor a cell phone that you can buy for less than $100.

What makes Spybubble so much different from all the other cell phone spy software Guides on the market?

Click here to learn more about Spybubble

Why you should use Spybubble

Spybubble will let you know exactly what is going on with your children or your spouse or a troublesome employee very quickly.  Knowing the truth in any of these situations will help you to make a plan for your life and give you some control over your situation.

The Spy Bubble software is invisible to the phone’s user so you can gather the proof you need before you confront the person with their cheating or your kids about their dangerous behaviors.  Confronting someone without proof will only make them deny the truth, but it will also drive them deeper underground and make them a lot more defensive.

Spybubble won’t cost you a fortune.  In fact the most you would pay for the top-shelf version is $85.  The standard version is on $49.95 and this is a one-time payment.

Click here to learn more about Spy Bubble

What’s inside Spybubble?

Once you select which spybubble package you want, you will receive a URL or web address starting with and “http://”. This web address you will save for later when you are ready to install spybubble on the cell phone you wish to monitor.

When you buy Spy Bubble you will not get a file to download to your computer, it will be downloaded directly to the phone you wish to spy on.  This download will include the following features.

Standard Spybubble Download: You will be able to…

  • Read all of the phone’s logs which will include incoming and outgoing numbers, the time the call was made and the duration of the call.  You will also be able to see any of the contact information associated with the number.
  • Read all incoming and outgoing text messages even if the user has deleted them.
  • View all images sent and received by the monitored device.
  • You will be able to track the physical location of the monitored cell phone using Google maps.
  • You can program one telephone number to be monitored so when someone on the target phone calls that number, you will be alerted.

Spybubble Pro Download: These additional features are available with Spybubble Pro…

  • You can listen in on all calls being made from the target cell phone.
  • You can remotely control the target cell phone’s built in mic from any Internet connection and use it to listen in on off-line conversations and sounds that are occurring around the phone.

Click here to learn more about Spybubble Pro

Who will benefit most from Spybubble?

First of all there are several things you need to have to qualify for a successful Spybubble experience.  You need…

  • To be able to get the cell phone you want to spy on alone for at least 10 minutes.
  • To be named on the contract for the phone you wish to spy on or be legally married to the phone’s owner.
  • Unless you purchase priority support ($10) you need to be somewhat technically inclined.

Spybubble is designed for people in one or more of the following situations. 

People who are worried about their children’s well being. 

When your kids were small, you kept close eye on them.  As they get older you still need to keep an eye on them because even though the challenges maybe different, they are just a dangerous if not more.

It is scary to learn how many kids get into deep trouble today by using their cell phones in a reckless way.

People Who Own Businesses

Monitoring company owned cell phones is a sure way to protect your assets and confirm that you are not wasting money or losing company secrets to your competitors.

At the least, you should monitor employees who you suspect are hurting your business and you should also monitor company cell phones issued to key employees such as sales staff etc.

People Who’s Spouses Are Cheating

This is probably the most common use of Spybubble.  Since a cheating spouse can cause you emotional damage, economic damage, and physical damage knowing exactly what’s going on is very important.  If you have minor children, then their safety is also compromised.

Spybubble is definitely a tool that will give you the truth so you can protect yourself and your kids.

Click here to learn more about Spybubble

The Good and the Bad


    Spybubble gives you the most for your money.  There is no other cell phone spy software on the market that does what spybubble does for its low price.

  • Spybubble works with a wide variety of cell phones
  • Spybubble is guaranteed to work for you or you get your money back


  • Spybubble does not have the most robust support.  All of its support is handled through a help desk.
  • Even though for most phones Spybubble is a breeze to install, with iPhones you need to jailbreak them first.
  • Spybubble does not have a tool free number to call or an online chat.
  • Spybubble's Bottom Line

    Anyone just trying to check up on someone without justifiable reasons , anyone looking for a quick fix solution to cheating spouses or employees, anyone looking to be told fairy tales about hands free spying, anyone looking for a way to spy on a cell phone that doesn’t involve installing the software on the phone you wish to spy on should not waste his or her time with spybubble.

    On the other hand, anyone searching for the truth about a spouse, child or employee and who is ready and willing to install the software necessary to get the truth, will find Spybubble to be one of the best investments they ever made in their lives.

    Click here to learn more about Spy Bubble

What People Are Saying

“I couldn't believe the Technology that is packed into Spy Bubble. She still doesn't know how I found out about her secret lover...”
—Billy Catrell, NY

“When Lamar started coming home late and acting all wierd I got Spy Bubble and put it on his phone. He thought he was clever and never used his phone to talk to that other women, but what he didn't know was that I could turn his phone into a listening device anytime I wanted to. Needless to say I nailed him...”
—Shawna Thomas, CA

About Us

Spy Bubble has been in business since 2006 developing the least expensive cell telephone spy software in its class.

Lately Spy Bubble added a pro version of its software which adds many new fantastic features.

Spy Bubble is dedicated to making agency level technology available to the average person and help them gain peace of mind from troubled relationships

Try It Now

We are so sure that Spy Bubble will work for you that we unconditionally guarantee it.

If for any reason it does not work on your phones as described we will refund you your purchase price without any questions.

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The guarantee expires 60 days after purchase of any Spy Bubble software.
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